Star Bright
(Estrella de Luz)

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Gerry Madigan

Biography Folk/Country/Roots/Americana/Bluegrass

Gerry Madigan is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who hails from Dublin Ireland, and now lives in Calgary Alberta Canada. He is a product of the folk boom that occurred in Ireland and the UK during the late sixties and early seventies – and we’re now seeing a resurgence in the popularity of that same folk music worldwide. Having played every folk club in Dublin and most of Ireland, he formed his own seven-piece band in 1969 to embark upon a very successful career on the concert and dancehall circuit.

Throughout the seventies and early eighties he enjoyed tremendous success with his own band, The Cotton Mill Boys, who became one of the top attractions on the live music circuit in Ireland and the UK. You can check out his music pedigree here. Besides playing full time with his band, he also spent time as a session musician and record producer. The Cotton Mill Boys recorded 15 top selling albums and 25 singles during their time on the road, appeared on The Benny Hill Show, and had their own TV series.

In the mid-eighties Gerry left the music business and pursued a career in the financial services and corporate sector. He is the published author of three books (not self-published) – two best-sellers and one #1 best-seller. You can check out two of his books here. Working as an independent consultant and professional speaker, he has presented training workshops and keynote addresses on leadership and management skills to companies, municipalities, conferences and conventions throughout Ireland, the UK, USA and right across Canada. He is a past professional member of the International Federation for Professional Speakers (now Global Speakers Federation), and also the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

However, the draw of the music business has proved too strong in recent years and he is now returning to the recording studio and live music circuit. He tested the water with a Christmas single, Star Bright’ (Estrella de Luz), which he recorded with Amy Fernandez. He followed up with another duet with Amy, an old Marty Robbins song, 'At The End Of a Long Lonely Day'.  In the light of all the global conflict he wrote a modern day protest song, ‘The Whole World is Watching’. His most recent single, 'Ellis Island', tells the poignant story of how Irish immigrants came to the USA. 

A brand new album of all original songs has just been released on iTunes and all major Digital Music Providers, 'Wild Bird, Fly Free', which  showcases his talents as a singer, songwriter and musician. Gerry is a member of SOCAN and also the Songwriters Association  of Canada   You may contact Gerry at

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